Before and After Photos Provide Motivation

Ready to take on an organizing project? Hard work deserves to be memorialized. Before and after photos are great motivation to continue throughout the rest of your home or office. Call Barbara Trapp with Zen Your Den®,  at 904-500-SORT (7678) or send a message here to get help with your “before.”


Spare rooms often become storage and “catch-all” rooms. Making one room visitor-ready will help you respond to the last-minute friend and family visits without breaking a sweat!

Personal care items and supplies will take over a bedroom if they don’t have a home. Sort, reduce, and then organize remaining supplies into labeled bins, so you know what you have and if you need to replenish. Note: It gets worse before it gets better. Make sure you have enough time to complete a sorting job the same day if you must use that space later (in this case, a bed).

Dining Rooms

Open-plan designs aren’t as forgiving of clutter and accessories. Ready to transform a room to its intended use?  Repurpose what you can and move the rest to where it can be best used (in this case, musical instruments were moved to a bonus room).


A kitchen renovation is an ideal time to clear out and rethink what is stored and what is displayed. And kitchens usually serve more than one purpose. Beyond meal preparation, this communal space may be used for bill paying, mail sorting, homework, or family game night. Plan storage accordingly. Store it where you use it!


No matter how large a pantry, it can get filled quickly. Just make sure you can see and access items easily. If it makes sense to store supplies for activities that will occur nearby, whether DVDs, camera supplies, then do so. “Store it where you use it.” However,  keep household cleaners and other chemicals away from food storage.