Barbara Trapp, Professional Organizer

Barbara Trapp, Professional Organizer (photo by Julie Ryan Photography
Barbara Trapp, Professional Organizer

I look forward to helping you clear the clutter, calm the chaos, and bring order to your life. Whether organizing spaces or helping you become more productive, I help create systems that will support the life you want to live.

Associates and clients describe me as a highly organized project manager. I have been organizing homes, offices, schedules, and events for years, and so decided to launch Zen Your Den®.

I am a lifelong learner and take classes, attend webinars and read…a lot. Last year I set a goal of reading 52 books and I achieved that. It feels good to meet a goal! Let’s discuss how I can help you reach yours. Call me at 904-500-SORT (7678) or contact me here.


  • Specialist in Residential Organizing
  • Certified Associate in Project Management
  • Technology Trainer
  • Communications Manager and Webmaster
  • Training and Quality Manager
  • Strategic Planning Facilitator
  • Human Resources Management
  • Process-Based Leadership Trainer
  • Adjunct College Instructor in Hospitality
  • Social Media & Branding Manager
  • BS in Leisure Services and Studies

Early Signs I Was Meant to be a Professional Organizer

  • Elementary school:  I started cleaning out my desk during study time. This earned me a seat at the front of the room, facing my third-grade class as punishment.
  • Teenage years:  I’d rearrange the furniture when my parents left the house for the day. My first attempts at “staging” were successful, and as a result, the new placement usually stayed.
  • First job:  I would spend slower hours reorganizing the back prep area of a fast food restaurant. Hint: tiny burgers.
  • College:  My last college assignment was to create a professional filing system. This was also one of the first projects I completed for the department director during my recreation internship. While the other interns were lifeguarding, I was doing office work. Some of my fellow-interns thought I was “brown-nosing,” but really, I was just not good at volleyball.
  • First “real” job:  I was hired as an audio-visual technician after college, Not because of my technical experience, but for my organizational skills. My first task? Untangling a huge pile of power and audio cords and then matching them up to various projectors, recorders, microphones and sound systems.
  • Motherhood:  I sorted those tiny shoes by color and style, bagged the brushes and combs, made a hanging rod and hung the clothes, and artfully set the table and stacked remaining kitchenware.  Yes, the first house I completely organized was a Barbie house.  My five-year-old daughter would admonish me, “Mommy, you aren’t playing with the Barbies, you’re organizing them!”
  • Today:  I enjoy clearing out and organizing a pantry or helping someone weed out piles of papers.  Or perhaps creating a schedule and plan with a client designed to help them reach their goals.