Digital Organizing Can Bring Peace of Mind

Photo of desktop Apple computer, tablet, keyboard and mouse. Caption: "Digital organizing can bring you peace of mind"
Digital organizing can bring you peace of mind

Have you ever saved a document only to be unable to find it later?  Or are you trying to save items from memory sticks or even another device and are not sure how?  Saving items the right way will determine how easy they are to find in the future. The key to effective digital organizing is using categories and terms that make sense to you and using them consistently.

Perhaps you like to access documents and passwords when away from your computer. Technology makes this possible!

If you need comprehensive help with any of the following areas or just need a refresher, call Barbara Trapp with Zen Your Den®,  at 904-500-SORT (7678) or send a message here. Here are areas of digital organizing I can assist you with:

Digital Organizing and That “Cloud” Thing

I’m always sad to hear of someone losing their precious photos, documents or other important things because of a bad hard drive, or a lost or stolen device. I’ve been there, and you get to learn from my experiences and solutions.

Productivity with Technology

You may desire the tactile qualities of colorful pens, pencils, and paper planners, but even these systems may need to be combined with technology, especially when communicating with others. We can determine which system works best for you, whether totally tech, or just one toe in the cloud.

iPhones / iPads / Apps

Learn to use your iPhone or iPad as the mini computer it was designed to be. I’ll teach you how to create, find and share contacts, use calendar features and fun and useful “apps.” My 83 year old mother (sorry, Mom) has a smartphone, tablet, laptop and lots of apps, and is always learning. She claims that texting changed her life. I agree; her learning how to text changed mine too! Any generation can learn technology and I enjoy helping beginners. This training is best in small bites so that you do not become overwhelmed.

Password Management

If your password management system involves tiny pieces of paper, sticky notes, and scribbles on envelopes, it’s probably not a system. And what do you do if you are away from your paper collection? I’ll show you some helpful systems and provide tips for secure passwords that you can remember, but a computer can’t easily crack.