Barbara Trapp

Certified Professional Organizer &  Productivity Coach


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Hi there, I'm Barbara!

Is clutter getting you down? Is disorganization affecting your productivity? Or are you usually organized, but a life transition has turned your world upside-down?

Whether an endless pursuit of perfection has you stuck in a holding pattern, or you don’t think you have the organizing “bone,” I’m here to help.

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Here are ways we can work together:


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Don't know where to begin with decluttering? This tip sheet will get you started!

What clients have to say:

I love virtual organizing better than in-person organizing because you see only what I want you to see.

Zen Your Den has helped me sort through the mess that can come with life in a big family.

Barbara has been a great companion on my organizing journey. I started with her in person, and then switched to virtual, but I think we get just as much done now, as we did before.
Her questions and comments ease my decision-making and help clarify what needs to be done. When we encounter a problem, she often introduces me to solutions I never considered. I am getting back control, thanks to Zen Your Den. Which is a very good feeling indeed.
- Andrea, Household CEO, FL

Barbara is so helpful and instructive!

Barbara is SO helpful and instructive!! Because of her help, I am more productive and able to provide a structured environment for my employees! Barbara is so great at communicating in a way that I could get what needed to be done for someone coming into my firm. Thank you, Barbara! HIGHLY recommend!​​
- Lisa, Guardianship Attorney, FL​

It’s truly a nonjudgmental atmosphere…

I highly recommend Barbara! She's incredibly easy to talk to and helps you figure out what works best for you. It's truly a nonjudgmental atmosphere where you can work through things at your own pace. Barbara will also help you identify what's holding you back in addition to small steps you can take towards improvement.
- Madison, Student, FL


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