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Save time by keeping your fingers on the keyboard with these time-saving keyboard shortcuts!

Whether you are a Mac fanatic or PC lover, you’ll find shortcuts for commonly-used keyboarding functions, such as cut, copy and paste, selecting all text, and taking screenshots.

Many of the functions are the same on each operating system, making them easy to remember. No matter what, you will save some precious time!

Bonus tip: Triple-click on a paragraph above. It will be selected (highlighted) and ready to be copied and pasted elsewhere. Helpful when editing chunks of text!

Is Your Business Thriving or Just Surviving?

Disorganized employees…ineffective workflows…missing processes…

Whether working for yourself or as an employee of a company, workplace productivity is critical. You either want to keep your job or if you are an entrepreneur, don’t want to have to look for one.

I’m here to help

With over 15 years of experience in Human Resources, Training and Development, and Process Improvement, I have the skills and tools to help you and your team succeed.

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  • TriMetrix DNA DISC Assessment (identifies behaviors, motivators, competencies)
  • Productivity with technology tools
  • Full Focus Planner® Coaching (Michael Hyatt’s system)
  • Time management skills
  • Strategic planning
  • Paper management
  • Process improvement
  • Digital organizing
  • Checklists and forms
  • Job descriptions
  • Team communication
  • Team building
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TriMetrix DNA Flyer

Your Results?

  • Productive employees (and the right ones)
  • Effective workflows
  • Streamlined and documented processes
  • Less work and more time!

What Clients Have to Say…

Full Focus Planner is a game-changer for my productivity!

Barbara introduced me to the Full Focus Planner after I informed her that I have so many tasks to complete each day that I literally lose track of them before I can even begin to think about how to get them done.
She immediately set me up with the Full Focus Planner and began teaching me the correct methods of use. After a few weeks, I found myself carrying this planner around like it was my phone or my iPad.

Every idea I had to make my company more efficient, every task I needed to complete to keep all of the plates spinning, and every person I needed to reach out to or return their calls, it was all getting documented. Not only were they getting written down and documented, they were now getting accomplished. What a game changer for my productivity!

I became so invested in the system and completely convinced it would improve my business, that I began purchasing planners for everyone on our executive team. I cannot stress enough how productive we have all become after adopting the Full Focus Planner as a staple in our day-to-day operations. I was even able to convince my wife to start using it. That was actually easy after she saw how productive I became.

I am all around very pleased with the system. Thank you to the team at Full Focus and a huge THANK YOU to Barbara with Zen Your Den for turning me on to the Full Focus Planner. We are now on auto-ship for each quarter. Did I mention this was a game changer for me and my company? I did, Ok…I’ll just say it again. GAME CHANGER!
- Matt, Owner, Private Investigations Agency, FL/GA

Barbara is so helpful and instructive!

Barbara is SO helpful and instructive!! Because of her help, I am more productive and able to provide a structured environment for my employees! Barbara is so great at communicating in a way that I could get what needed to be done for someone coming into my firm. Thank you, Barbara! HIGHLY recommend!
- Lisa, Guardianship Attorney, FL


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