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Overhead view of hands at computer keyboardOrganizing your digital life is just as important as organizing your kitchen, closets, or office. That includes protecting your digital files, documents, platforms, and accounts by following good cybersecurity practices. 

Here are 6 things to do to improve your cybersecurity:

  1. Don’t answer social media questions like, “What was the first car you ever owned?” or “What was the name of your first pet?” This information is often used for answers to security questions.
  2. If you are using public WIFI and suddenly everyone gets booted off the network, do not rejoin. A hacker may be at work, gaining access as users log back on.
  3. If you make up answers to security questions, write them down. Better yet, store your security questions and answers in the notes section of an online password management system.
  4. Change your passwords at least every six months to a year.
  5. If you use a third-party password manager, you’ll need a “master” password. This is the one password you must write down and keep in a safe place.
  6. A password can be strong and still readable. Let’s dig into this…

Did you know spaces are considered characters? This means you can create a strong password that is easy to remember and feels natural to type. Consider a memorable phrase such as:

My cat writes B00ks!

This example has 20 characters, two numbers (zeros), upper- and lower-case letters, and a special character. It’s easy to remember, but hard to crack!

Here’s another example:

86 the Steak & Cardboard!

This example has 24 characters, two numbers, upper- and lower-case letters, and two special characters. 

Online Password Managers

As much fun as it now is to create a memorable and safer password, you still shouldn’t reuse them. This is why I recommend a third-party online password manager. Then you only need to manage and update ONE awesome master password, and let the app do the rest. My favorite tool, and the one many cybersecurity experts I’ve spoken with recommend, is LastPass and you can get it here.

LastPass encrypts your data as you type it and sends it to the cloud. It’s stored on company servers behind a physical wall with security. They cannot see your passwords, nor can they retrieve your master password. That’s why you need to write that password down and keep it in a safe place! For more on password management systems, both online and paper, refer to my previous post, Get a Password Manager and Get Organized!

Let’s Organize Your Digital Life

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