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Whether working for yourself or as an employee of a company, workplace productivity is critical. You either want to keep your job or if you are an entrepreneur, don’t want to have to look for one.

If you need comprehensive help with any of the following areas or just need a refresher, call productivity specialist Barbara Trapp with Zen Your Den®,  at 904-500-SORT (7678) or send a message here. Following are some common areas of workplace productivity I can help with:


What gets scheduled, gets done. Want more proof? Read this Forbes article by Kevin Kruse or just google the term. If you have New Year’s resolutions that you want to achieve, whether improving your health or spending more time with family, these goals deserve a place on your schedule. Can’t find the time? I help people prioritize so their family, personal and work schedules are more manageable, shareable, and less chaotic.

Time Management

There are many tools, techniques, and methodologies to assist with time management. The right one for you is the one you will use and it may be very simple. First, we will look at what you need and/or want to accomplish (or delegate). Then we will look at how your time is actually being spent. And finally, we’ll choose a system that works for you. This is an ongoing process of creating and refining good habits. And critical to good time management is breaking down projects into bite-size tasks and accurately estimating time requirements. I can coach you through time management, a building block of workplace productivity.

Goal Setting and Strategic Planning

A list of core values, vision and mission statements make goal setting easier, whether you run your own business, or are an employee. Annual key objectives are standard, but many successful people are setting and adjusting these quarterly. This is part of a strategic planning process. Whether for individuals or groups, I have the experience to help you map out a plan.