5 Small Organizing Projects for the Holidays

Miscellaneous board game pieces on a chess board

The holiday break is a great time to do a little organizing for a less-cluttered 2022! These five organizing projects won’t take much time but will help you make the most of family visits and give you a jump start on spring cleaning. Organize a Game Zone Visits to my parent’s home have always included […]

Make Your Bed for Self-Care, Productivity and…Wealth?

Photo of made bed and side table (Photo by Christopher Jolly on Unsplash)

Make your bed for good self-care It may seem pointless, especially if you live alone. I mean, who will know if you leave your bed unmade this morning? And you’re just going to crawl back in tonight anyway, right? From an efficiency standpoint, this may be one task you can let go of. But research […]

It’s National Simplify Your Life Week: 4 Ways to Declutter Your Life

A road sign with complicated simple words on sky background

Just a week to simplify your life?? With the right mindset, you can make some real progress! Here are four suggestions to do just that: Schedule Chores and Errands In his book, The Productivity Project: Accomplishing More by Managing Your Time, Attention, and Energy, Chris Bailey outlines his year spent conducting numerous productivity experiments on […]

Packing Hacks for the Road Warrior

The Cathedral on the Prairie in Hoven, South Dakota. A packing hack led me to it!

In May of 2016, I took a road trip in my (‘soul red’) Mazda 3 hatchback that took me through 22 states in two months. Traveling for that long makes efficient packing a necessity. Here are the packing hacks I used that will make your adventure easy and comfortable: Packing Hacks for the Front of […]