Supercharge Productivity with Smartphone Reminders

White smartphone on orange background with exclamation point symbol on phone

Supercharge Productivity with Smartphone Reminders Did you set some New Year’s resolutions that you have yet to take action on? Well, dust off those goals and start making real progress with smartphone reminders! Your smartphone comes with a default reminders app that can help you build habits and routines. If you ask your phone’s personal […]

Junk Mail: How to Stop it and Let it Go

Blue door with handwritten sign over mail slot: No Junk Mail

“I’d like to write to the folks in Wisconsin. If you mail a letter now, they can write this winter, and then we can hear from them next spring.“  – Little House on the Prairie This is probably my favorite line in the entire Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House book series. I’ve quoted it in […]

12 Signs You Need a Professional Organizer

Large cluttered office with several desks

Why Hire a Professional Organizer? You don’t have to qualify to be the subject of a reality TV show, such as Hoarders, to benefit from the help of a professional organizer. Beyond the clutter and chaos, there are other non-obvious signs you may need an expert to help you create and maintain order in your […]

Professional Organizing: Why I Chose it as a Profession and Why it’s My “Thing”

Mazda on road

Why I Chose Professional Organizing Transitions In the spring of 2016, I decided to take a cross-country road trip to visit my brother in California, and friends in several other states. I’d left an unfulfilling job as a branding manager, and had completed ten online courses and earned a certification: CAPM (Certified Associate in Project […]