Last Updated on September 21, 2021 by Barbara Trapp

Why Hire a Professional Organizer?

Large cluttered office with several desks. A professional organizer can help.
A professional organizer can help.

You don’t have to qualify to be the subject of a reality TV show, such as Hoarders, to benefit from the help of a professional organizer. Beyond the clutter and chaos, there are other non-obvious signs you may need an expert to help you create and maintain order in your life.

Just as you may hire other professionals to prepare your taxes, clean your home or do your dry cleaning, a professional organizer can provide a valuable service, freeing you up for activities that are important to you. Here are some of the signs and effects of disorganization, lack of systems, or systems that just don’t work for you. Any of these can disrupt your sense of well-being and peace but combine several and you have a recipe for chaos:

    1. You immediately feel stress and unease when you enter your home.
    2. Your bed is piled with things, therefore you sleep elsewhere rather than uncover it.
    3. You are often late for, or forget appointments.
    4. You buy birthday cards labeled “belated,” if you remember to send them at all.
    5. You miss opportunities because you can’t find “that paper,” email, etc.
    6. You frequently extend or miss deadlines.
    7. You don’t socialize much because:
      a) You have too many unfinished projects.
      b) You would be embarrassed to have anyone in your home.
      c) It would take too long to get ready.
      d) All of the above.
    8. You often pay bills late, because you lose track of them.
    9. UFOs (Unidentified Food Objects) are in your refrigerator or pantry.
    10. You regularly lose your keys, wallet, kids, money, and sanity.
    11. You have a storage unit for mystery things that are not business-related.
    12. You save things on your computer, but can’t find them, or you print everything because you don’t know how to save things.

Next Steps

Perhaps this list has prompted you to identify other examples of effects of disorganization in your life. So what to do? List the three items that concern you the most, have the most negative effect on your life and if solved, would make the biggest positive impact. Then share your list with me here, or call me at 904-500-SORT (7678). Together we will create a plan to tackle it!

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